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SanDisk's new SD card has an insane 512GB of storage

SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC Flash Memory Card with up to >>> Visit the image link more details.

coca-cola campaign by ogilvy & mather gives bottles '2nd lives' with 16 innovative caps

The Coca-Cola company has come up with a great way for you to reuse those plastic bottles of Coke you buy. As part of it global sustainability program Coca-Cola has launched which is a line of 16 different caps that can be screwed on any bottle top to.

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer Enjoy carefree cooking with our wireless remote grill thermometer.

Fire Piston Produces A Flame With Nothing But Compressed Air | OhGizmo!

By Andrew Liszewski Popular Science has an interesting article on Fire Pistons, which use nothing but compressed air to produce a flame, making them seem like the perfect fire starter…

Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated Watch Has Built-In Breathalyzer

The Intoxicated Watch tells you the time, date, and your sobriety level. All you have to do is blow into the built-in breathalyzer.