He glanced to the side and started, nearly letting out a scream as he noticed the girl standing in the doorway. She wasn't imposing in anyway, but it was unnerving to see a girl in a house that was supposed to be empty. Especially since her clothes were torn and covered in dirt and blood, just like her face. She noticed his open mouthed expression and gave him a bemused smile, then she put a finger to her lips before melting back into the shadows,  like she never stood there at all. (Sam F)

You can almost feel the insanity leaking out of her as she raises a finger to her lips and smiles slightly. Her eyes grow bigger and she whispers, "Shhhh.


I call this "Blazing Fury", after the ride @ Dollywood. Cause it looks like "You've been kissin' on that steam engine!)(----- not sure what this is referring to but it's still a very beautiful picture

Friday 1 July 2016 marked the centenary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme, the biggest conflict seen on the Western Front during World War I. Here are some of the most arresting photos from the war. Contains graphic images.

Zeki Alasya

Zeki Alasya

Ayşen Gruda

✿ ❤ Ayşen Gruda is a Turkish actress and comedian.

JACQUELINE DE RIBES, Francesco Scavullo | lot | Sotheby's

Comtesse Jacqueline de Ribes (born 14 July 1929 in Paris, France) is a French socialite and fashion designer.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: WWI German Soldier I love the spike on the helmet.