Gioconda (?)

Even the Monalisa wants in on the action once she heard about these great Harley motorcycle!

Passport photo 1960s

"One frame at a time stop-motion: Your endearing smile remembered" Gerard Malanga Posts Leonard Cohen Elegy & Passport Photo Leonard Gave Him - Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered

La Joconde Demonica

La Mona Dark ____________ Edit: Since everybody loves this i decided to make another version of Goth Mona lisa.

Stylish Monna lisa    via

Probably the most popular painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is so popular as much because of its art quality as because of its inspiration potential.

Leonard Cohen by Arnaud Maggs - June 1972

Leonard Cohen by Arnaud Maggs - June 1972

Leonard Cohen Sharon Robinson  Webb Sisters

Photo by Lorca Cohen: In Rehearsal Before The 2008 Tour - Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson, and Charlie & Hattie Webb