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The Stone Mirror, Antalya, Turkey

If you get a chance to visit Istanbul city dont forget to go and see those reflective stones. People named this as The Stone Mirror. In this picture the way the stone mirror reflected that building really amazes me. Definitely want to get there one day!

Beautiful Belek: Turkey’s Playground

The Roman Theatre of Aspendos, Turkey. Built in 155 AD during the rule of Marcus Aurelius, Aspendos Theatre is the best preserved ancient theatre in Asia Minor. 96 metres in diameter it can seat 7000 the csaenae frond or backdrop wall is still intact.

Beautiful Side: In 2010 hebben we onze 2e rondreis in Turkije gemaakt met einddoel het prachtige Cappadocia..

Located in the Serik district of Antalya Province, Belek attracts travellers and holidaymakers from around the globe.