Feyza Başak

Feyza Başak

Kabuğu kırılan sedef üzüntü vermesin sana, içinde inci vardır. Şu deredeki su,kaç kere değişti,yıldızların akisleri hep yerinde... Le Vent Nous Portera...
Feyza Başak
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Baby milestones, probably the single most nerve wrecking yet pleasurable thing parents tend to obsess over.

15 Sensory Play Ideas For Babies

Approaches to Learning Curiosity, Information-Seeking, and Eagerness INFANTS & TODDLERS 15 Sensory Play Ideas For Babies - Includes a ton of easy taste safe recipes, upcycled sensory boards, and sensory bottles!

One of the most fantastic young children tasks can be found on http://toddlers.photoharmonies.com/

Kids kitchen counter toy to distract while cooking. Made of PVC piping and table tennis balls. Easy trout together & kids love it! Maybe paint the balls so they have to color match?

Oh, eu me lembro deste jogo. Sim, como linda fazendo um conjunto de tecido e colocar alguns ímãs dentro ... Muito bom! Pesca ida - DIY jogo de pesca para as crianças. Nx

Fish Oh I remember this game. Yes, how lovely making a fabric set and putting some magnets inside. Gone Fishing - DIY fishing game for kids.

10 hele leuke activiteiten om de zintuigen van baby’s en peuters te prikkelen!

Baby sensory play for a 6 to 9 month old baby. Wrap cling wrap around a canvas and have the baby smoosh away with their hands and feet. So much fun, but I'd do it without the Cling wrap! Edible paint and babies are washable!

New parent? Track and share every milestone with Ovia Parenting!

New parent? Track and share every milestone with Ovia Parenting! A checklist that shows some of the milestones and actions that your baby should be doing at different ages.