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The Holy Spirit’s presence is always there. Some days, much like the wind, it may be fierce and urgent… while on other days, it may be light and gentle. You cannot see the wind, but you can feel it – just like the way the Holy Spirit acts in our lives.

High Tide. Kiara Rose

The water was icy cold, biting at her already chapped skin, and she could hardly make her fingers release their death hold on the rock. Yet time was of the essence; nothing but the tide could carry her away from this place and the tide waits for no man.

트위터의 취우 님: ""

One quote I chose was "Let go or be dragged." This kind of plays off the idea of how much stress we hold on to or how much weight we give to events of the past. Water, feathers, and the implied weigh the amount of wire used is one way to convey this.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

She hugs herself and shuts her eyes, her breath slipping from her. The darkness is drowning, thick as tar. She's disappearing from her very own body. (Anna swallowed in darkness)

Lady Midnight.

I dream of this picture What does your intuition have to say about that? What may "make sense" to the outside world is no match to your inner knowing.