Feyza Hanedar
Feyza Hanedar
Feyza Hanedar

Feyza Hanedar

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Cove lighting is one of the basic lighting techniques, a type of uplighting that directs light to the ceiling plane from a cove on one or more sides of a room to provide overall diffuse illumination.

wall base lighting detail - Google Search

flush skirting board detail - Google Search

LED Stair Lighting Systems, Stair Lights

Clever Carlo Scarpa - not a detail left to chance, always an opportunity for design but somehow the work still seems effortless and natural.

Houston, TX

Stainless steel posts and glass railings for stairs

Slot drainage channels. Stylish and discreet drainage system http://www.componentdevelopments.com/products/exterior-building-drainage/slot-drains/

Sistema de fijación aluminio / de barandilla / para panel / perfiles de fijación CU Clear glass

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