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Barthel Beham and his older brother Sebald were renowned as printmakers as well as painters. They were active in Lutheran Nuremberg until 1525, when they were banished for opposing the Reformation. Barthel subsequently moved to Catholic Munich to serve as court painter to the Bavarian dukes William IV and Ludwig X

Chancellor Leonhard von Eck Barthel Beham (Nuremberg ca. Leonhard von Eck, was Chancellor to William IV and a powerful opponent of the Reformation. Oil on spruce.

I just love how casual he is here. Makes me feel like they trully can exist in our world ... Alexander 'alec' lightwood, the mortal instruments, tv show, matthew, daddario, matthew daddario

From The Shadowhunter Chronicles to the Shadowhunters tvshow to the City of Bones movie. We love and support every version of Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane and Malec out there in the world.

Lunar Chronicles Girls by Lierymell

Just doodling and ended up frawing Scarlet & Cinder from Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet is described as wearing a red hoodie, but considering its supposed to be futuristic I didn't w.