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The plank are a simple workout that can be performed anywhere at home, in a gym or on a holiday. The Plank exercise might be very simple, but at the same time it has a long list of benefits as it works on many muscles at the same time.

9+Boxing+Moves+to+Burn+Ridiculous+Calories  - Cosmopolitan.com

9 BOXING MOVES: The moves in this workout routine, created by Jaws Nelson from Shadowbox NYC, burn a crazy amount of calories! Click through for the full workout, an instructional video, and fun gifs that will teach you all the moves you need to know!

Muay Thai Hand Wraps - just in case I forget, its been awhile but I'm ready to put my gloves back on!

How to tape up your hands before a fight. Short guide which outlines a fast and secure way to wrap the hands for boxing — Good to know for when I start wrapping in kickboxing.