A nice idea for using those pinecones found in your garden, you can transform them into nice little friends, those super cute ornaments in form of mice ! :

Mice Pinecone Friends

Winter Pinecone Friends, Mice eclectic holiday decorations And we have the pinecones already!

mommo design: WITH A PIPE CLEANER...pets

Delightful creations to put a smile on anyone's face! Who knew pipe cleaners could be used to create something so cute? Welcome to the amazing world of pipe cleaner pets! This quirky book shows you how to craft a realistic pipe cleaner likeness of .

An adorably cute craft!

Pipe cleaners Toothpicks Orange marker Tacky glue Googly eyes Pinecones Feathers bend a piece of pipe cleaner (a piece for the adult, for a chick) To finish, glue a pinecone to the pipe cleaner base, then glue feathers to the pinecone.

5. Construction Party invitation. Boy birthday dump truck // mariadalecrim@gmail.com #mariadalecrim

Boy birthday dump truck // okay so these might be invitations but this is so cute, i just want to make it for my son!

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art lesson - 1st graders get to design a playground, now that's fun!

Primary Playgrounds

Task is to create an ideal playground. Trays of primary colored squares, rectangles and thin strips were shared at each table.