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Happy Morning Mug - Urban Outfitters
The beautiful illustrations inspired by world famous stories will literally capture your eyes! Have a delightful writing experience with these colorful and cute pencils!
You wouldn’t believe these are pencils at first! These cute Popcorn Pencils have popcorn shape erasers on top of each pencil, and when hidden inside the popcorn case, it looks like there are only popcorns in the case! The pencils themselves are really pretty with fun stripes drawn on them.
I can’t imagine my life anymore without the Tracing Sticky Note. This sticky note is made with a transparent paper, and I can easily apply it anywhere and trace the source on the bottom! I even use it to write notes on my book without damaging the book; it keeps the book clean and I can easily take it off when no longer necessary.
Silvia - anthropologie has a ton of these pretty pencils - happy to try to order some to bring to our tasting.
4B Pencil Erasers Cute Stationery School Supplies
The Smiley Attachable Pen Case makes sure that I always have something to write with at all given situation! I never miss a note!
May your school supplies be as cute as your outfit.
Straight Line Designs Inc. | Unique and inspiring furniture design by JUDSON…