Fırat Kerimoğlu

Fırat Kerimoğlu

Fırat Kerimoğlu
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Sitting is terrible for your health. Find out how to avoid the increased risk of heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes from sitting too much.

"sitting is killing you" so read this standing up! (gonna go for a walk daily !) especially difficult if your body is wracked with pain however hard - get up and move ! play upbeat music because at least your body will try to sway to the beat

Class task Pick one fact from this infographic and search the net to see if you can validate its accuracy.

Obesity is growing in our country, and one of the easiest ways to slow this down is exercise. Statistics about the growth of obesity in our country will provide my audience with the shocking facts that will get their attention.

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Stop Childhood Obesity - jon massey

Jon Massey – designer at Manchester’s Creative Vein has been in touch regarding their entry for this years Chip Shop Awards.