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Discover fashionfreax, your fashion community. Awesome Style that combines Antica Farmacista - Button Front Tops: happy with BcB. More Street Fashion here.

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Keep your hands looking and feeling youthful with these tips from top skincare and beauty experts.

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Get Smoother Skin with This Homemade Facial Microdermabrasion Recipe {Only 2 Ingredients} Baking Soda Face and body cleanser. Also a great exfoliator No more expensive dermo visits either!

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Did you wake up to find those hideous puffy eyes plague you? Don't worry, check out this post to know the 10 effective exercises in for .

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Preventive Dentistry is a combination of good dental hygiene with regular dental appointments that allow us to do our part in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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5 Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists / >there are some really good tips on this site for all different things | Doğal Güzellik Mekanı | Doğal Güzellik Mekanı | Doğal Güzellik Mekanı | Doğal Güzellik Mekanı

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Winter Care Tips For Oily Skin: These below listed winter skin care tips for oily skin that will help you achieve the right glow.