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Jewellery, Pendant, Jewelry, Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Diamond, Diamond Necklace
two men in suits holding up a shirt with the number 24 on it and trophies behind them
Bu daha bir başlangıç daha da iyi yerlere geleceksin pasam
an airplane is flying in the sky over a large building with a flag on it's side
Fenerbahçe <3
the arm of a person wearing a yellow and black jersey
three pink lollipops are in a box
fenerbahçenin harika çocuğu💖🖤
people are sitting on the grass in front of a sign that reads'fenerbaice '
Fenerbahçe Winner | Mavi fener, Romantik seyahat, Mavi sanat
an airplane flying over the top of a building
fans are in the stands at a soccer game