Beautiful black and white mosaic. 'Tangled in Glass' - Broken China, Beads, Stained Glass

Iznik tiles - The Harem, Topkapi Palace - Turkey

If you've never been to Istanbul, Iznik tiles are amazing ceramic designs from the ottoman empire, and there are so many amazing patterns. My visit to Istanbul still influences my style so much. Iznik tile decoration - The Harem, Topkapi Palace

Peacock Stoneware Tile Panel, William De Morgan

Comparing Victorian Art & Digital Art - Victorian tiles by William de Morgan


William de Morgan, Tile, “Mongolian” motif, the Ottoman inspired colors and ogee (double S shape) motif of the vines.

Cusped Cartouche Syria (Damascus), 17th century

Simon Ray is one of London's leading Islamic and Indian Art dealers.

Truth of a metaphor by James Hughes (Lost Parables)

margadirube: “ valscrapbook: Truth of a metaphor by James Hughes (Lost Parables)…