doily table runner

I was doing some research for an upcoming project this evening when I stumbled upon this gorgeous DIY doily table runner and I couldn’t resist posting it right away. Photographer Ashley Ann crafted this darling table runner from vintage and fleaRead

another great doily table cloth

LOVE THIS! Grandma's old doiles with new linen table cloth. Love it! Stitch Doilies onto Table cloth, embellish with buttons, ribbon, embroidery - inspired! Found LOTS of doilies and can't bring myself to toss them.

doilies table runner

I secretly really like doilies.I might introduce them into the house. I like them in white because they are like snowflakes but In my head I think multicoloured doilies would be exquisite lace doily table runner {by christine chitnis} / Фото #1 - 24 - kento

ru / Фото - 24 - kento / róża z niezapominajkami

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