Log Cabin/Split Level tablerunner (12 1/2" x 64 3/4"), designed and made by Pam Dinndorf

“Quilt Blocks Go Wild!”–Fun & Funky Improv Projects from Six Favorite Designers (Giveaway!)

Log Cabin/Split Level tablerunner x 64 designed and made by Pam Dinndorf–one of the projects that includes pattern pieces, if you are so inclined. From the book Quilt Blocks Go Wild!, by Eleanor Levie.


Needlework, Craft, Diy, Needle Lace, Ribbon Work, Table Runners, Machine Embroidery, Embroidery Designs, Amigurumi

Shot cottons, strong graphic design  And a tutorial for curves

Shot cottons - this could be interesting as a block - could vary the placement of the thin strips and the "blocking" making up the circle