FREE knitting pattern: Spirals of Diamonds

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A striking vest instantly adds a touch of flair to even the simplest outfit.

lesson one pic 1

Hardanger embroidery - lesson one pic 1

18 Simple, Yet Stunning Garter Stitch Knitting Patterns

Sideways Garter Vest ~ *but* maybe this can be adapted into the elementum pattern. another beauty from purlsoho, quickly becoming a favourite resource :)

Оригинальный жилет с капюшоном | <br/> Tric,<b

adult knitted vest with side buttons

Colete de crochê / Chaleco crochet

Colete de crochê / Chaleco crochet

Esta idea si se me ocurrió a mi, ahora que la encuentro realizada veo q está super.

There is no mystery to this gorgeous wrap, just a simple twist. You work it as a rectangle, then create a Möbius strip by rotating one end 180 degrees before joining it to the other end. Also has video on Tunisian Crochet hook and stitches

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[] #<br/> # #Color #Rosa,<br/> # #Tissue,<br/> # #Models<br/>

[] #<br/> # #Color #Rosa,<br/> # #Tissue,<br/> # #Models<br/>

Kırmızı yelek

Kırmızı yelek

Cabo sobre los hombros de los radios. Descripción del esquema de tejido de punto

топы кофты жакеты

Cabo sobre los hombros de los radios. Descripción del esquema de tejido de punto

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Free baby cardigan pattern (plus heaps of variations)

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I wish there was a pattern attached.

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DETALLADA DE TEJIDO MASTER CLASS y ganchillo espiguillas.

вязание спицами и крючком

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