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a drawing of a robot holding a large object
a red and black robot standing in the dark
a green robot standing on top of a white surface
MAD on Twitter
two green robots standing next to each other
MG MS-06F ZAKUⅡ|MADさんのガンプラ作品|GUNSTA(ガンスタ)
two green robot toys are on display in front of a gray background and one is facing the camera
two green plastic robot toys sitting on top of a table
MAD (@77sakiya) on X
two green robot figurines standing next to each other on a gray surface with one looking at the camera
MAD (@77sakiya) on X
Toys, Gundam Wing, Custom Gundam
Miniatures, Water, Miniature Model, Miniature Models, City Diorama
MS-06 Zaku II F2 diorama
Character Art, Lancer, Evangelion
ベア猫 on Twitter
an instruction manual for how to use the engine in a car, with pictures and instructions on
master gradeZAKU ver.1.0