Photographs from Istanbul, a boy with a bottle of milk and breads, photographed by Ara Güler.

Funny pictures about Just milk and bread. Oh, and cool pics about Just milk and bread. Also, Just milk and bread.

Ara Güler Hacopulos Pasaji, Beyoglu, 1958

Ara Güler : "Je suis toujours resté fidèle à Istanbul"

Alfred Hitchcock photographed by Ara Guler. °

Ara GŰLER :: Alfred Hitchcock in his office at the Universal Studios, Los Angeles, 1974

Old Istanbul PERA, photographer ARA GULER

The world of old photographyAra Güler:Dockworkers waiting to unload ships along the Golden Horn, Istanbul, Turkey,

Ara Güler - Inspiration from Masters of Photography -

Ara Güler is an Armenian-Turkish photojournalist, nicknamed "the Eye of Istanbul" or "the Photographer of Istanbul". He is considered one of Turkey's few internationally known photographers.