Koalas, they are those cute little things living in Australia. These creatures will make your day better after you scroll down to the last picture.


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Funny pictures about Harsh Life Lesson. Oh, and cool pics about Harsh Life Lesson. Also, Harsh Life Lesson photos.


Jenifer the Tiger - 3 favorite things about this picture: There is a tiger The tiger is smoking a bong That bong sorta looks like yoda - and added bonus snow!


Wolf howling amidst a misty darkened forest. Such beautiful imagery. Almost like peering into a most sacrosanct realm of mother nature. One of my most favorite pictures, and animals.


Outnubered flock of Red-billed Queleas coming to drink at the same time with an African Elephant, East-Tsavo NP, Kenya (Antero Topp)


"Warning Night Light" Larry Lynch (USA) / Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 Myakka River State Park, Sarasota, Florida.


The stealthiest of all sea creatures, the Octopus does not rely on its tentacles alone. Taking advantage of its innate camouflage techniques and its various


A great white shark leaps out of the water clutching a seal in its mouth at the False Bay off Cape Town Sout Africa