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Algérie - Peintre Français  Eugène Baugniès (1842-1891), Huile sur toile, Titre :  La Conversation

La conversation by Eugene Baugnies in Orientalist Paintings on December 2008 at the null null sale lot 46

Fabio Fabbi

Fabio Fabbi - one of the most famous and commercially successful Italian artists of the Orientalists. He was born in Bologna (Italy) in 1861 to study painting.

Jean Leon Gerome: Arnaut Blowing Smoke in His Dog's Nose 1882

Nasreddine Dinet, born as Alphonse-Étienne Dinet was a French orientalist painter. Compared to modernist painters such as Henri Matisse, who also visited northern Africa in the first decade of the century, Dinet's paintings are extremely conservative.

Jean Lecomte Du Nouÿ ( French ) - Eastern Dream 1904 The Dream of a Eunuch by Jean-Jules-Antoine - Lecomte du Nouy ( French ).

Jean-Leon Gerome An Arab Caravan outside a Fortified Town, Egypt painting, oil on canvas & frame; Jean-Leon Gerome An Arab Caravan outside a Fortified Town, Egypt is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.

30 Mind Blowing Finest Glazing Paintings by Stanislav V Plutenko

Guan ZeJu is a Senior Artist of the Guangzhou Art Institute and a member of the Artists’ Association of China; he has served as Director of the Guangdong

Print advertisment created by mcgarrybowen, United States for JPMorgan Chase, within the category: Finance.

Camels in front of The Old Blue Tiled Mosque Outside of Delhi, India - Oil Painting by American Artist Edwin Lord Weeks