ART X |   Spiro H

The timeless design named after Horizontal Spiral form. It is more a system than a product. Limitless version and borderless scaling with only 10 pieces except fasteners. Perfect harmony of wood and shutter.

ART X |   Triano

We have so abstracted an Ottoman Motif that the reference motif and the design are not even close relatives anymore. An island bench design providing natural stone and wood-based or polyester-based products.

ART X |   Ottobank

It is on the top of the list when it comes to the modern interpretation of the classic. The design obtained by abstracting Ottoman motifs which is a geometry marvel is a candidate to be indispensable for the authentic areas.

ART X |   Porto

3 different combinations and plain grace. A port in a storm when you get tired.

ART X |   Spiro M

Natural-indicating and minimalist bench design generated by synthesizing Spiro H and Spiro V models. You can feel rested even by watching it.

ART X |   Capsulo

Capsulo is like rising against cookie-cutter city furniture with its form, variety and color scale. Rich variety of form provides you with plenty of options in your choice and you enjoy infinity through different combinations.

ART X |   Bombeo

Stick up for flawless moss green bombeos. Wouldn’t you wish pleasing image of agonic and organic forms in your city?

ART X |   Situ

Either classic or modern. Harmony of travertine and wood, function of sitting with a group and extensive landscape area all together.

ART X |   Waveo

Don’t dynamism and stillness occur to you at first sight? Even at the same time! Neutral with their colors and inviting with their forms. You can claim they move if you keep watching for a while.

ART X |   Breko

Let us put this in brackets, this design of bench based on parenthesis with its 7 gracious and smart different versions does not intend to stay in brackets.

ART X |   Kano

A design of benches inspired by “sit on top” kind of canoes. It cannot be sailed for now.

ART X |   Pebblo

Imagine that we sit on the pebbles that we collect on the seashore or river shore and put in our pockets. A flawless surface and natural colors to cap it all.