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uncle rick and his shit

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Reasons why David Tennant is awesome #458: This.
There it is


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Why the hell are you giving me a case of the feels
Mayhem that would bring a LOT of viewers Gods I love Chaos sometimes
i will repost this till the end of time #supernaturalbloopers


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Same thing in my life. My friends call me the walking dictionary
Harry Potter Monopoly by funkblast - Imgur
I can't.

Harry Potter lol - Refrences

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Harry Potter welcome mat / Handpainted, funny doormat/ Wizard Muggle Gift / Housewarming Gifts / Outdoor Welcome Mat / Gift For Her by NickelDesignsShop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/488219070/harry-potter-welcome-mat-handpainted
Harry Potter Spells Stairs Vinyl Decal - Home Decor, JK Rowling, Hogwarts, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Magic, Expecto Patronum, Alohomora, Lumos
25 Accesorios para decorar tu hogar al estilo Harry Potter que cualquier muggle…

Harry Potter lol - Home

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love me some Harry potter(:
Are we going to comment that in someway, they end up being related to Draco. I mean, Snape's his godfather.

Harry Potter lol - Memes

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So many great things about the Harry Potter Universe. It was my childhood.SHE SHOULD'VE WRITTEN A MAGICAL CHILD THAT WAS THE CHILD OF DUDLEY!!!!
This development: | 17 Harry Potter Memes That Are So Dumb They're Great
Laughter Is Good For The Soul! 13 INTERESTING Harry Potter Facts That Will BLOW Your Mind!!!

Harry Potter lol - Behind the Scenes and Interviews

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i want to delete the thing on the bottom because it annoys me
The date in incorrect, the other schools only arrived near Halloween
Ok Fang is not useless. He is adorable and is very useful. No dog is useless.

Harry Potter lol - Conversations

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12 x 18 print on quality semi gloss paper Come in 4 colors that will fit the scheme of any house, and just so happens to be the Hogwarts house
Every Harry Potter spell - Sunshine Daisy Bottom Mellow Turn this Stupid Fat Rat Yellow #squishable #plush #harrypotter
Corner House tutorial on making wands!

Harry Potter lol - Spells and Wands

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Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring - Spiffing Jewelry - Add a secret message inside
Give Your Friends Dainty Harry Potter Jewelry to Let Them Know They're Magical
If Hogwarts' dress code was a little more lenient...requiring the gray skirt, white shirt, House robes & tie, but allowing you to do anything else with it. I'm a Ravenclaw, but my fashion choices for each House. Made by little ol' me on Polyvore. :)

Harry Potter lol - Clothes and Jewlery

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-See https://bestonlinedealsnow.myshopify.com/collections/harry-potter
This Magical 'Harry Potter' Cake Is What Wedding Dreams Are Made Of
This tumblr is entirely dedicated to the Harry Potter series and cast! Enjoy! ;)

Harry Potter lol - Food

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Harry Potter Workout! The problem is, I get too into the movie and forget to actually do these things!
10000000 points to Gryffindor
And every other book, really.

Harry Potter lol - Homemade

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#potter #Ravenclaw Tower
Image - Autre Arbre Généalogique - Potterhead - Skyrock.com Plus
The Ilustrated Alphabet Of Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter lol - Cartoons and Art

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Minimalist Harry Potter art prints designed by Olly Moss #HarryPotter
#harrypotter #hpbooks #J.Krowling
Someone please tell me where to get these!! I will be eternally great-full!

Harry Potter lol - Books

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I can’t. Ahhhh I just cant
The best part is you can tell who is who in which house. Hogwarts students in other houses

Harry Potter lol - Fanfiction, Headcanons, and Opinions

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Avengers sorted into their respective Hogwarts houses
Well that makes sense why I’m a pukwudgie :p I’m a slytherin because I’m passionate about being kind to people
Harry Potter. I don't know why I'm reading old Harry Potter quotes and watching Doctor Who as well. Can you grab the tissues please?

Harry Potter lol - Houses

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Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.
To be fair, I think Texas thinks of itself as its own empire already. No need to make it official. ;) -A Texan

Hamilton (And Cast Stuff)

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buzzfeed unsolved: the Hot Fuckin Shit

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the prommm

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Read Chapter 1 - The New Suit from the story Braver ~ Trans Spiderman Story by Veronicat011 with 5,134 reads. lgbtqi, t...
#wattpad #fanfiction It's been a year since Tony Stark has adopted Peter Parker as his son. Life couldn't be better! But when Tony finds out that Peter is hiding something,things change. *This is a Trans Peter Parker story! Hope you like it! >>>>>NEXT PART IS IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!!!!!<<<<...

trans!peter parker - fanfiction

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Trans spiderman | Tumblr<< People usually don’t get bullied anymore for being “nerdy” (especially in a school for nerds/ geeks) so I agree w/ this one. In fact I chose my name from spider-man lol. Also “penis Parker” can be a derogatory nick name. “Your body is flowering” Moms usually don’t say this to their (biological) teenage son/nephew whatever. “IM A BOY. I MEAN I-I’M A MAN!”
Trans spiderman avengers | Tumblr
Trans spiderman | Tumblr <<>> This is literally just me getting out of my seat

trans!peter parker - other stuff

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Trans peter Parker | Tumblr
Trans peter parker fanart | Tumblr
Read Chapter Six: Show Him The Ropes, Grandpa from the story Spider-MAN (A Trans Peter Parker Story AU with Avengers) by YourManMatthew (Matthew) with 536 rea...

trans!peter parker - art

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People on Tumblr actually believe that Peter Parker was a Trans boy in Spider-man Homecoming.
I never knew I needed this until I did
I love how in the tags it says "technically he could be pan too"

trans!peter parker - tumblr

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