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a close up of a knitted object on a wooden floor with flowers and leaves
some balls of yarn sitting on top of a table next to a piece of cloth
Knittermobile | Flickr
a close up of a knitted object with flowers and leaves on the bottom half
printable vintage embroidery patterns
someone is holding a crocheted bag with yellow flowers on the front and sides
New sweater design No.238,Sunflower 🌻तीनकलर बुनाई 👌by home science
a crocheted blanket with flowers on it
some flowers are in the middle of a piece of fabric with stitching on it
Pink Daisy from Australian Landscape and Flora stitched by Lorna Loveland – Embroiderers' Guild ACT
some red and yellow flowers on a white cloth
Embroidery for Stitching & Thinking
Embroidery for Stitching & Thinking – NeedlenThread.com
an embroidered piece with flowers and bees on it
What's Inspiring Us .....
What You Could Create - Colour Streams