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#tattoos ... have to choose my triangle tattoo.. Meanings #freakin'cool

Mill-River-Park-and-Greenway_07 #landarch #urbandesign

'The Big Rethink' by Peter Buchanan for The Architectural Review

The site is close to Mexico City's southern medical cluster and the National University. foster + partners

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CHRISTOPHER COUNTS STUDIO | LANDCAPE | URBAN DESIGN - QNV GEOLOGIC RIFT / Zhuhai, China - Galeri: Eşdeğer Ödül (5) - Kurbağalıdere Vadisi Fikir Projesi Yarışması

Landscape Trees - Plan by ~BoomyRui

pupa-lukiskes-sections. Sections in colour. Pinned to Garden Design - Landscape Plans by Darin Bradbury.

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