Interesting diagonal stitch -- the video goes on a little long -- Ill have to try it diyagonalörnek

The crochet stitches: the star stitch - crochet tutorial Video tutorial explaining how to make the stitch star crochet .

saco bebe diy 2

DIY Saco de Dormir para o Bebé

My Hobby Is Crochet: Double Layered Braided Cowl | Free Crochet Pattern with Video Tutorial | Guest Contributor Post on My Hobby is Crochet Blog

The crochet tutorial for the Double Layered Braided Cowl. This tutorial shows you how to make the braided cowl and how to put it together.

Stricken: Offener Maschenanschlag und Mausezähnchen Bündchen - YouTube

Stricken: Offener Maschenanschlag und Mausezähnchen Bündchen NOT in English. This is a picot hem and just lovely!

Узор с обвитием петель

Wzór z pętli splątania (wideo) - Targi Masters - handmade, ręcznie robione

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