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The basics of 'Kasuti' embroidery - Kasuti is a traditional form of folk embroidery practised in the state of Karnataka, India.


DIY 5 Blanket Stitch Variations and Tutorials from coletterie here. I post a lot of DIYs that use blanket stitch from clothing using fleece . - DIY and Crafts

В понеділок про вишивальні вихідні

В понеділок про вишивальні вихідні (PREKRASA)

RESERVEDVintage Bucilla Needlepoint by TheLittleThingsVin on Etsy

RESERVEDVintage Bucilla kanivicakanivicaNeedlepoint by TheLittleThingsVin on Etsy

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ee543c9176fe38dd1ebbc587f87065 |

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