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a robot holding a wrench and wearing a helmet
Robot builder with a wrench
a white and blue toy flying on top of it's wheels with two propellers
Tricopter drone illustration
Tricopter drone illustration #AD , #Tricopter, #illustration, #drone
two people sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer and a robot standing next to them
How to Hire a Remote Machine Learning Engineer?
This is the blog post by Cogito discussing about how to hire a remote machine learning engineer for AI development. It is explaining what should be considered while hiring the machine learning engineers for remote locations or can work remotely to develop the AI models as per the customize needs. There are various useful points that helps companies to hire the best machine learning engineer.
a red car with tools on it is surrounded by other items
Meslekler puzzle - Okul Öncesi Etkinlikleri
an image of a woman doing crafts with scissors
meslekler yapbozu...
Bu aralar daha önceden kaydettiğim resimleri yayınladığım için maalesef kaynak veremiyorum :(
a boy sitting on top of a brick wall with the word isci above him
a man standing in front of a camera with headphones on and the words kamerman above him
a boy with a hammer in his hand and the words madenci above him
a boy holding a carrot and a garden fork with the word giftci written on it
a man holding a house and hammer in his hand with the word minar above him
an image of a boy digging in the dirt with his shovel and dog bone on the ground
a cartoon character holding a wrench and tool box with the words tesiatatci on it
a cartoon boy holding a paintbrush and bucket with the word boyaci on it
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a hammer
a boy in a brown coat and red tie holding a microphone with the words dedektif above him