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19 Mayis çerçevesi
a drawing of a man wearing a hat and holding a flag in front of him
an image of a cartoon character holding up a paper bag with the word happy birthday on it
a train with the words milli mucadele treni on it
an image of a boat with the words'wh - moguler'on it
some stickers that have been drawn to look like the face of a man in a hat
Bandırma Vapuru Kalıp 2
a cartoon character is depicted in the center of a circle with an image of a boat and
two different types of calendars with the same date
two black and white cartoon images with the words, but sun ne olark kuhan?
Büşra Bayraklı Öğretmenin sayfasından alınmıştır.
an image of a man in a suit and tie