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Solar power tent.

Solar Tent for high-tech campers Futuristic concept tent can harness solar energy to provide electricity to portable gadgets. Orange, utilizing cutting edge technology in solar harnessing PVs, has reveled new updated Solar Concept Tent.

Teardrop trailers have been around since the thirties; they are compact, aerodynamic, lightweight and beloved by many travellers. Now you can get the teardrop experience without the "struggle of pitching a tent or towing a caravan"-Britspeak for

Scooter Woody by Martin Beinhauer, via Behance

I was inspired by plywood models. The body is made from plywood and is connected by ribs without using any mechanical joints, including the main articulation of handlebar fork.U této koloběžky jsem se inspiroval překližkovými modely. Trup koloběžky je t…

DIY tent groundcloth

"Prolong the waterproof characteristics of your tent floor by making a simple, inexpensive groundsheet out of a common construction material called Tyvek." -Backpacker Magazine This might come in handy with the car camping tent :)