Furkan Soydan

Furkan Soydan

Furkan Soydan
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The Eco Automatic sink. Rotate your dirty dishes back under the counter to be washed and you're left with a clean sink. It even looks cool!

I hope they actually start making this. Â Eco Automatic sink is donut shaped with one half exposed/open for loading, once full the sink then pivots underneath the enclosed section for cleaning and an open sink takes its place.

fold-up shower

Great idea for tiny house: takes up minimal space! Just install a folding shower into every bedroom in the house and the morning battles over bathroom time will be a thing of the past. - - - This Folding Shower is a concept by the French company Supiot

a sink that saves the water you use for other purposes like watering plants, flushing the toilet etc. it's smart, eco-friendly and super cool! | I want!

DuO - Kitchen Greywater Station by Joris Bonnesoeur - The DuO sink system has a simple dual-reservoir design that separates reusable water from sewage. The saved water can then be used to water plants or assist in the dish-washing cycle.