Crochet & beads

Crocheted Anklets/Bracelets (set of Perfect for summer! Love the color contrast between the beads and the loop. Would be cute if the loop was in the shape of a flower? (Idea only)

crochet cuff bracelet

Crochet cuff bracelet Inspiration ✿⊱╮This could be totally cute without the beading! /✿⊱╮I don't do beads but with basic stitches and fun colors this would be a great gift for my teen daughter!

Gladiolus imbricatus freeform crochet by irregularexpressions, $178.00

Gladiolus imbricatus: freeform crochet bracelet with blue, emerald green, magenta pink, orange beaded flowers and lace details

The Chicken and The Egg Designs.

The Chicken and The Egg Designs. Tiniest bead crochet I have EVER seen!