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Killing stalking Quote Funny Sangwoo Bum

Killing stalking Quote Funny Sangwoo Bum


Okay, buddy man. <<< I can never seem to not pin this when I see it. <<<< But the last one okay buddy man DOESN'T sound sarcastic

As the Checkout Line Churns

As the Checkout Line Churns<<If this were a soap opera, they'd break this up with about 10 other plotlines and it'd take a week to do a 10 minute conversation.

(YTP) Peter Parker Can't Get Pizza Time - YouTube

LIKES (Halloween)* LIKES (National Nut Day)* Peter Parker just wants some Pizza Time. After getting dumped by Mary Jane he tries .

Killing Stalking / #ks

When you realize the guy youve been hitting on is actually trying to arrest you.