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an outdoor sticky mural with flowers on it and the words out door sticky murail
Outdoor Sticky Mural for Toddlers
It's Day 9 0f our 31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers! Years ago we did a similar Outdoor Sticky Collage with the boys (although it
a child sitting on the floor and making sticker names
Classroom Survival Kit | Teaching With Haley O'Connor
an animal rescue mission flyer with three toy giraffes
Childhood Learning Basics : Why They Matter - Team Cartwright
an animal tape rescue activity for toddlers to do with their own hands and feet
Animal Tape Rescue Activity - Busy Toddler
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Super Simple Shape Sorting Activity - easy indoor activity; easy math activity #busytoddler #toddler #toddleractivity #easytoddleractivity #indooractivity #toddleractivities  #preschoolactivities  #homepreschoolactivity #playactivity #preschoolathome Toddler Activities, Educational Activities, Kids Learning
Shape Sorting Activity: Go Beyond Memorizing - Busy Toddler
Super Simple Shape Sorting Activity - easy indoor activity; easy math activity #busytoddler #toddler #toddleractivity #easytoddleractivity #indooractivity #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #homepreschoolactivity #playactivity #preschoolathome
a collage of pictures with the words pom - pom tube drop
Pom Pom Tube Drop: Toddler Developmental Activity
Fine motor developmental toddler activity to keep your toddler busy, learning & having fun. Easy & quick set up and cheap materials make for a great sensory activity for your little one.
a child's hand on a play mat with scissors and other toys
homemade shape puzzle - happy hooligans - cbc kids
Use items from around your home to make a homemade shape puzzle!
Search for & Match Shapes to Their Outlines Toys, Pre School, Preschool Science, Preschool Activities, Literacy Skills, Shape Matching, Early Literacy
Quick & Easy DIY Preschooler Scavenger Hunt to Match Shapes
Search for & Match Shapes to Their Outlines
several pieces of cardboard with different faces on them
DIY Jigsaw Puzzle | Two-piece Toddler Puzzles
DIY Jigsaw Puzzle | Two-piece Toddler Puzzles
an image of children playing with toys that are shaped like animals and have strings attached to them
Why is Bilateral Integration Important for Handwriting?
Why is Bilateral Integration so Important for Handwriting?
the cover of traveling with sensory seekers party through the usa, featuring headphones and toys
Crazy in the Car- Travelling with Sensory Seekers
Travel toys for sensory seeking kids and babies. Meet kids visual, auditory, oral, olfactory, and tactile needs on the road or in the air. Also helpful for school, church, doctor's appointments, or anywhere else you may go.
three fish shaped paper clips sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Here fishy fishy… -
SINGING TIME IDEA: Fishing game...paper version...with downloadable templates (this would be fun for the grandchildren- maybe made out of felt or fabric... when we don't know what to do, we can go fishing for ideas... like make cookies, or take a walk, etc.)