Coffee Crochet: Crochet Chart~Ladybug

This graph is designed for use with hdc (half double crochets), but you could also use sc or extended sc. If you use a dc, your image will b.

5d59a73fb459dafc88f48225ce791c59.jpg 640×541 piksel

This is taken from cross stitch patterns that are done monochromatically, but I chose to do it in color.

Filet Crochet: Crochet Filet Praying Hands With Lacet Cuffs And Cross Free Pattern

The traditional praying hands image is interpreted in filet crochet with decorative use of the lacet stitch on the cuffs and the cros. / Фото #51 - 11 - tatta81 / Фото #51 - 11 - tatta81