Tricks for Applying Mascara and Using Eyelash Curler - How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Amazing - Cosmopolitan

26 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Get Flawless Eyelashes Every Time

26 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Get Flawless Eyelashes Every Time. Great tips! /skin care & makeup tips

Lil/Big Sis Baseball Heart Glitter and Bling Tee or Tank--Customized with players number on Etsy, $21.00

Lil or Big Sis Baseball Heart Bling Tee or Tank, Baseball Sister, Baseball Tank, Lil Sister, Baseball Sister Bling, Big Sister baseball Tank

Lil/Big Sis Baseball Heart Bling Tee or Tank-Baseball Sister, Baseball Tank, Lil Sister-Baseball Sister Bling-Big Sister baseball Tank by SpunkySparkles on Etsy

do it yourself candles!

how to make a volia candle holder Add cold water to a balloon. Dip balloon into hot wax. Leave to cool. Prick balloon and carefully remove. Add a small tea light and voila - your very own home-made luminier

this will happen.

I've always wanted to play messy twister. The thing is, I don't wanna play it with my friend cause she would push me and smother me with paint.

Simple Do It Yourself Craft Ideas  42 Pics

Cool Camera trick for the holidays. Simple Idea, Awesome Result… Hole Punches (think scrapbooking) work great for this type of bokeh

Valentine's day idea

Funny pictures about Candy love letter. Oh, and cool pics about Candy love letter. Also, Candy love letter.