Fajon o gasa tipo Wayuu 32 cordones - YouTube

In this video i show you how to crochet with three threads without getting them tangled up. I crocheted yarn under and in the back loop. I used mercerized co.

Guarda pampa (pattern from Argentina)

FREE PATTERN for tapestry crochet : Guarda pampa (pattern from Argentina)

Lesson 5 of "Tapestry Crochet for Beginners" - How to Prevent Tangles When Doing Tapestry Crochet

In this tutorial, I go into my method of preventing tangles while doing tapestry crochet. I& been using this method for a while now and have found that it .

Patron: punto cruz, Mosaiquismo, guarda, telar

I like the bright color combinations. Modern quilt, Tapestry crochet or knitting inspiration.

Cordón Wayuu Yaliwanasü - YouTube

A video on how to do the basic 5 patterns that branch out into all other patterns of finger weaving.



Pattern for my own mochila bag:) made with the program: EasyBeadPatterns:)

Pattern for mochila bag:) made with the program: EasyBeadPatterns:)