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an image of a web page with the wordpress theme highlighted in black and white
GLAZE - for Artists against AI & Thieves
Sadly the link to the OG Tumblr post is account locked, so unless you have a Tumblr acc or hacker skills, the link isn't as helpful as I'd wish it was.
an instagramt with the caption that reads, i'm not using color palettes for artists
the tweet is being viewed on twitter
VIShopper - Cut out people | Cut out trees | Ground and sky textures
a painting of cosmetics and other items on a pink background, including pearls, beads, lipstick, necklaces
paper prints — Not Sorry Art
so cute!
#drawing #art #artutorial #digitalart #digitalarttutorial #ibispaint #ibispaintart
an image of some lines that are drawn in different colors and sizes, with the words written
Character Anatomy | Nose
Character Anatomy | Nose
an image of someone's profile on their instagram page for art - collection
a piece of paper that has some type of drawing on it, and the words how to practice written below
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