*Филейные узоры для наших мальчишек... и немного для девочек. Дополнила )) - Вязание для детей - Страна Мам

* Loin patterns for our boys . Add)) - Knitting for children - Home Moms

A simple, asymmetrical cardigan with a pretty center panel, Eulalie is knit in one piece from the top down. The simple lace panel with its’ oblique arrangement of eyelets and bobbles is echoed in the raglan increases which provide structure to its’ sweet shape.

Eulalie pattern by ms designs

Ravelry: Eulalie pattern by Marya Speton. Children will not appreciate this as much as I could.

Layette ensemble mérinos 1-3 mois neuf tricoté main brassière et chaussons

Layette set merino months new knitted handmade brassiere and slippers