Cleopatra Island. Turkey: A.K.A. Cleopatra's Island: "Cleopatra Island has one of the most unusual and perfect sandy beaches in the world. The sand is different than you have ever touched before. It is said that this organic sand was brought by ships from the Red Sea especially for Cleopatra. Each grain of sand has a perfect sphere, for this reason, the beach is protected by the government to prevent any sand being removed from the beach." Quoted from

Sedir Island, also known as Cleopatra Island, Turkey

"MARMARIS"(Turkish.Riviera)*-*.  #Turkey #Holiday #View

Marmaris is a port town and traveler resort on the Mediterranean coast, spotted in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera.

Marmaris,Turkey: #girlsholiday #sunseasex #2010

Marmaris,Turkey x x

Marmaris by night ♥ Turkey

Marmaris by night, Turkey Marmaris

Dolphin Hotel Marmaris Bozburun TURKEY

Dolphin Hotel at Marmaris, Turkey

Telmessos Rock Tombs, Turkey. Fethiye is 84 miles southwest of Marmaris in Mugla province, and has an outstanding and busy marina. The ancient name of the city is Telmessos. Fethiye is known for its rock tombs carved into the faces of the cliffs by the Lycians

Telmessos Rock Tombs , Turkey by Nejdet Duzen

Dalyan - Marmaris, Turkey, check! We were on little river boats here. amazing

The King Graves from Kaunos in Dalyan - Marmaris, Turkey

Done the Marmaris boat trip with @Kieran Willis  :)

Visited here (lucky wishing cave) on a boat trip booked via AGO Travel (Ask for BATMAN) in Armutalan, Maramaris -

Marmaris, Turkey been here a number of times!! ♥ the place although it has changed loads!!

Marmaris, Turkey been here a number of times! ♥ the place although it has changed loads!

Icmeler Turkey

Icmeler - Just a water taxi ride from neighbouring Turunc

#Marmaris - Enjoy a romantic walk aroud bay area.

Marmaris, - Enjoy a romantic walk aroud bay area.

Dalyan, Turkey-On the Çayı River.   Above the river's sheer cliffs are the weathered façades of Lycian tombs cut from rock, circa 400 BC. The ruins of the ancient trading city of Kaunos are a short boat trip across the river.

Rock-cut tombs in Myra, An ancient town in Lycia, Turkey. Myra was a town of Lycia about 85 miles from Antalya, Turkey (biblical Attalia, Acts

Pamukkale Ephesus - 2 Day Tour | Marmaris Turkey

Today, Hierapolis is a World Heritage Site and popular tourist destination.

Marmaris, Turkey

Daylan, Turkey Lycia was a region in Anatolia in what is now the southern coast of Turkey. It was a federation of ancient cities in the region and later a province of the Roman Empire.

Marmaris, Turkey

Itinerary Advantages of Marmaris Gulet Cruises

Marmaris, Turkey - Visted in 13 years old

Bördübet - Marmaris-Turkey

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