Helping Little Hands: Active Math Games and AWESOME Book...several active number games by creating with blocks of felt and different color numbers 0-20

This active number line will support mathematical thinking, especially in the area of number concepts (counting & connecting a numerical symbol to the spoken number.

Counting Petals from @servingpinklemonade  #Preschool Activities - #Math #slideshows

I'm kinda loving this quiet book idea. Free pattern for a quiet book; TONS of adorable ideas.

Cat in the Hat Math Activities for kindergarten. Children learn numbers and patterns.  Standard: Group and Categorize: The child will learn to group people and objects based on their attributes.

Cat in the Hat Math Activities for Preschool

Cat in the Hat Math Activities preschoolers will love

Preschool Colors II by barnabywasson, via Flickr

MATH activity, could be used as a color sorting one too if you used pom poms.

Outdoor Math Game for Preschoolers: Exploring Size (with printable action cards).  This is a fun way to introduce math concepts while keeping preschoolers active.

Outdoor Math Game: Exploring Size

Outdoor Math Game for Preschoolers: Exploring Size (with printable action cards) - the measured mom

Kindergarten Common Core Math Activity - September Backpack Graph product from NicoleAndEliceo on

FREE backpack graph for preschool & kindergarten math

"Display rocks, gems & found materials onto a lazy susan. This activity can be tied into maths for sorting, graphing, counting, 1 to 1. Or an abstract art glueless mosaic activity can come from this. To the centre you can again add paper to allow the children to draw their creations & display them" (",)

Carefully displaying rocks, glass nuggets, found materials etc onto a lazy susan…

early math activities preschool


Early Math Activities for toddlers & preschoolers

hands on math activities

Math series - sharing this with my pre-k parents!


PreK Toddler Numbers, Shapes, Colors ~ TONS of ideas perfect for busy bags or tot trays!

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division: Math games that use common game elements like dice or a standard card deck.

Credit Card Advice For Rookies And Pros