Macrame, an old tying technique from the middle east. Learn how to tie jewelery, bookmarks, bracelets, baskets or watever your imagination can bring forth.

Kids' Craft: Pipe Cleaner Monkeys! Pipe cleaners, wooden beads, googly eyes. Love how posable they are.

Kids' Craft: Pipe Cleaner Monkeys!

Here’s a fun monkey craft for kids of all ages! Grab some pipe cleaners and some wooden beads and transform them into a cute posable monkey. The monkey can even hang onto a pencil!

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Could be a brill way of teaching kids their house phone numbers

Galloping Finger Puppet Zebra Craft

Galloping Finger Puppet Zebra Craft

Z for zebra finger puppet craft - is fun for kids to make and kids will love playing with their zebra craft by making it gallop around the house. Cute animal craft, zoo craft for kids, preschool craft, crafts for kids and summer kids craft.

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