Nevada, ABD

Nevada might be sitting one one of the biggest undiscovered oil fields (WTI)


Take a scenic drive along Romania's winding Transfăgărășan road, which links Transylvania to Wallachia.


Ruta 40 extends from Argentina's northern border to its southern tip. Spanning more than miles, the route runs parallel to the Andes and crosses various lakes, national parks, and mountain passes. The route includes a series of more than 200 bridges.


I want to drive to there. Suggestions via these wonderful Quora travelers.

Florida, ABD

The Overseas Highway connects mainland Florida to the islets of the Florida Keys. Spanning 113 miles, the highway has 42 bridges in a series of giant arches. The highway is filled with colorful sea views and landscapes of pine and palm trees to enjoy.


Norway's Atlantic Road is built across several small islands, with eight bridges that treat drivers .