Doctor Who mash ups - The Peanuts ones are probably my favorites (somehow Schultz's style seems weirdly appropriate for Doctor Who).

Doctor Who mashups. Note: I do NOT approve of the Family Guy, Simpsons, or Adventure Time mashups.

Police... Vc ja viu em algum lugar isso eu só vi em filmes sabe...

Lucy discovering the TARDIS. (Chronicles of Narnia/Doctor Who crossover)

The Man Who Lived On A Cloud - Doctor Who by Farbenfrei

“There’s a man called the Doctor who lives on a cloud in the sky and he keeps the bad dreams away. But he lost all his friends and now he is so very lonely.

Doctor Who meets Harry Potter

A Casual Day in the London Sky

Don't have a Harry Potter board so I'm posting it to this board. I need a Harry Potter board.

Doctor Who. I don't know about anyone else but this was right in the feels for me because I got really attached to them and then just like that they were gone.

Amy Pond, the Girl Who Waited - Rory Williams, the Boy Who Waited (Art by theGorgonist on Etsy)

Not a Hugger

Peter Capaldi Makes The Doctor

It begins - Twelfth Doctor is not a hugger>> no no! the Doctor must be a hugger.

Dematerializing From Van Gogh's Painting

The TARDIS Travels To Five Beautiful Places In Amazing Fan Art

I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. I'm only partly happy with how it came out, but I really enjoy the concept, so I'll probably revisit the theme soon.