A quick and easy homemade magnet. ( You also can make a brooch.) You have to spray yellow paint on the bottle caps, paint the faces on...

Emoji magnets / EMOJI imanes / Emoji magneten

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Here is a reason to never throw your old cream bottles out. You can transform them into cute jars that you can put anything you like in them. Get some fabric,

Easy Peasy Duckling Cross Stitch Kit £8.50 | Past Impressions | Fat Cat Cross Stitch

Easy Peasy Duckling Cross Stitch Kit

Embroidered Felt Necklace

Hand Embroidered Wool Felt Bib Necklace Mustard Yellow Scarlett Red Turquoise in Bare Branches in the Orchard pattern

Crocheted Lace Collar Cotton Yarn Top

Crocheted Lace Collar Cotton Yarn Top, Blouse, Tunic, Gift For Her, White And Teal Green Halter Top diy clothes

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