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Ghacel pereira

Ghacel pereira
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Sketch - Village

Sketch of the shanty town village from which she steals things and escapes (or the makeshift home in which she and her friends live).

Nsio Pose Practice 10: Jogging by on @DeviantArt

Already tenth pose practice. I& wanted to draw that sports pose practice for long so it was time to tackle with that. initially I thought drawing baseball themed one, but I figured I don& know e.

Nsio Pose Practice 9: Anon Party Hard! [Update] by Nsio

I just created a really annoying original character. I started drawing a body practice but it transformed into a pose practice. So this is pose practice so far. I wanted to draw really slim ch.

Nsio Pose Practice 5: Tsuchimiya Sayaka 2 by Nsio on deviantART

Yet another pose practice featuring my original characters, namely Sachiko, Sayakas older sister. With earlier pose practice, Sayaka declined to make any n.

Nsio Pose Practice 8: Sayaka Overweight by on @DeviantArt

Pose Reference Sheet of a chubby girl - different poses: lying, eating, sitting, talking.