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A collection of cool infographics about branding and identity creation for designers and small business owners.
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an info graphic with the words visual asset most frequently used by designers
Visual Assets Most Frequently Used By Designers
Do you agree with the numbers? What visual assets do you personally use the most often?
how to create a logo step - by - step guide for the brand's marketing strategy
How to Create a Logo For a Brand: Step 1 to Final
Every logo designer has a different approach, but most would definitely agree that there are certain steps in the logo design process that all professionals share 💪 Today we’re sharing our scheme on how we’re working on the logo creation process, and in the comments, we’re waiting for yours! Agreed?
a poster with the words how creative are you?
Test On How Creative Are You?
You know that feeling when you sit and stare on the white canvas and there is a need for an extremely creative idea that just won’t come? Yeah, frustrating isn’t it? Here’s how we fight with it.
an orange poster with a woman lifting a hammer
10 Graphic Design Tips to Improve Your Proficiency and Mental Health. Part 2
Follow these graphic design tips
a woman pointing at something with the caption, graphic design tips to improve your efficiency and mental health
10 Graphic Design Tips to Improve Your Proficiency and Mental Health. Part 1
It’s been a long time since we shared graphic design tips drawn from personal experience! We thought it’s right about time. Keep on reading if you want to improve your work process, and retain that brain cells undamaged.
the top 10 logo design mistakes to avoid
Logo design mistake #1: Not doing proper research. Tip: Make sure you briefed the client from head to toe, learning every aspect of the brand before designing a logo for them. See this cheat sheet to learn how to make a proper design brief.
what is the difference between a product, trade mark, and love mark? info
What’s the difference between a product, trademark, brand, and love mark?
Everything starts with a product. Product is...a product, nothing more to it. It’s a standalone application or a good that you have: it doesn’t evoke emotions, doesn’t speak to people’s hearts. It exists.
an orange book cover with the title how to create a brand step - by - step guide
How To Create A Brand: Step 1 To Final
Want to know more details about the branding process from the scheme? Drop us a message and we will send you a Branding Workbook with all these steps described!
an info graphic showing how customers are spending on the same product as they spend more
Branding Statistics You Need to Know in 2021 [Infographic]
Do you agree with the statistics that we found? What brands are you loyal to because you share their values?
an advertisement with the words why does your brand need an identity?
Why You Need to Create a Brand Identity to Grow
Remember, it’s the sum of all the brand identity parts that make up a brand and how it connects with its customers. As a designer, you have to communicate that to your client. As a client, you should forget about only going for a logo — it can only do so much 🙌
the top ten types of logo design in this info sheet, there are many different logos that can be seen here
Types Of Logo Design
The logo is a touchstone of the branding process. What seems to be a simple picture, becomes a strong identifier of a brand, and has its own impact on a viewer.
a poster with the words brand mascott why you need it? and an image of a
Brand Mascot: Why Do You Need One?
A brand mascot is an ambassador of your brand, the spokesperson. It’s a link that stands between your brand and its audience.
a triangle with the words create a story of your brand and hero in each corner
What's a Brand Story, and Why Does My Company Need One?
Like every story you read in the books or watch in the movies, yours should also contain a hero and a villain. Your role in this will be to become an advisor, a master Yoda-like character.
a green background with black and white text that says growth, media exposure, and emotion
What is the Growth Formula?
You have to develop a rational offer, and make it clear through the right channels, systematically and make people feel something while they are interacting with you.
an orange and white poster with the words how to increase brand awareness?
What are the benefits of a good brand awareness strategy?
With one of the most important elements of creating brand awareness being consistency, you cannot do without a brand book. We’re here to help you with that! Add all the brand identity elements as you go and receive an awesome and professional brand book in the outcome.