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Person of the Month: An Illustrator, Sandrine Anne!
Peeking into another designer’s workflow is always a way to learn something. To tweak your personal routine, and gather life hacks that can make your work process more enjoyable, and less stressful.
the big system update logo mockups & brand archetys for brands and companies
Big System Update: Logo Mockups & Brand Archetypes Chapters
We’re here to share some awesome news! We’re delighted to announce that we added not one, but two new chapters to the Gingersauce wizard today: the logo mockups and brand archetypes! In this post, we’ll make an overview of the new features, guide you through them, and describe how you can use them to make your brand books even better than they are today.
graphic design workspace organization tips & tricks fight the chaos around you infographical
Graphic Design Workspace Organization Tips & Tricks: Fight the Chaos Around You
What is your graphic design workspace? Chances are, not that efficient. In today’s post, we’re going to give you some advice on how to set up your graphic designer workspace to keep you productive.
a yellow background with the words 6 brand guidelines examples to show you how it's done
6 Brand Guidelines Examples to Show You How It’s Done + Tips
The science of brand guidelines is not easy. At Gingersauce we took it upon ourselves to educate and provide tips on how to do branding right – and what’s the best way to explain if not by providing and explaining examples? Take a look at these brand guidelines examples to learn what is the best way to structure them.
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Font Pairing Guide: Best Practices & Online Tools
Font pairing is not an easy thing to do. Though it does depend on the level to which our eye is trained, there are some rules you can follow to be better at it. Also, tools! So, stop googling ‘How to pair fonts’, you’ve landed on the right page.
the cover for graphic design tips to improve your efficiency and mental health
10 Graphic Design Tips to Improve Your Proficiency and Mental Health
It’s been a long time since we shared graphic design tips drawn from personal experience! We thought it’s right about time. Keep on reading if you want to improve your work process, and retain that brain cells undamaged.
the cover for how to overcome imposter syndrome as a graphic designer
How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Graphic Designer
As creative individuals, designers are highly prone to self-doubt. Working with and as designers for years, we know that most of us experience imposter syndrome at some point. Following the trend to raise the topic and educate on psychological issues, we’re here to point at the reason you may have imposter syndrome and give some tips on how to overcome it.
a person sitting at a desk with the title 11 logo design mistakes to avoid tips on how to get better at creating logos
11 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid + Tips On How to Get Better at Creating Logos
Logo design is not an easy task, whatever people say nowadays. There are so many elements that go into the process, that making a mistake along the way is a no-brainer. Especially if you’re a beginner. In this blog post, we are about to walk you through some of the logo design mistakes awaiting you and offer some genuine advice on how to avoid them.
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Person of the Month: Isabela Humphrey. Using Illustration For Good
At the Gingersauce, a professional tool for creating brand books, our mission is to educate on the importance of visual presentation and company branding. In line with it, we have decided to start a series of interviews with talented designers we personally follow, to see what their thoughts are on the topic: what tips and tricks they can share, what lifehacks they learned pursuing a career in design, what they would change if they could go back in time.
the graphic design process is shown in three different stages, including how to use it
8 Types of Graphic Design: What Kind of Designer Are You?
When we say, of pursuing graphic design, anyone can find a place to fit in – we mean it. Depending on the skill set you possess, the interests, and the style you have, you can find your perfect industry within graphic design, just like that. Today we’ll walk you through the 8 types of graphic design you can choose between, outlining the skillset you have to have in order to work in that certain field. Let’s get to work, shall we?
the cover of 150 + branding resources and logo design resources you should check out
150+ Branding Resources & Logo Design Resources You Should Check Out
At Gingersauce we know the exact value of branding. We also realize that sometimes it’s hard to find the materials to learn from. So, we made it our goal to gather and list the most elaborate branding resources and logo design resources available so that you could easily learn your way into branding.
an image of a person standing in front of a board with the title how to create a logo for your brand
How to Create a Logo For Your Brand: Step 1 to Final
Hello, the brand owner! And anyone interested. At Gingersauce, we understand the importance of branding more than anyone else – we created a branding tool, after all. The logo is one of the most important elements of the brand identity, and today we took it upon us to guide you through every step of its creation: from defining a brand to receiving your assets. We won’t hold you back for much longer, let’s dive right into it!
the brand masoot / brand character why you need it and how to create it
Brand Mascot/Brand Character: Why You Need It and How To Create It
One of the elements of branding that is definitely worth mentioning is the brand mascot. You will also find such names as the brand avatar or the brand character. Whatever you call it, its creation can drastically change the way you communicate with your audience, and how you build your branding strategy.
the cover of women in branding 5 famous logos designed by women, with an image of a woman's face
Women in Branding: 5 Famous Logos Designed by Women
Did you know that 63% of graphic designers are female and only 37% are male? While making up more than half of the industry professionals, how come we never really hear about achievements made by them? Today, on international women’s solidarity day, we’d like to shed some more light on how important women are to the global branding market.
an orange book cover with the title how to develop an eye for design tips and
How to Develop an Eye for Design: Tips & Design Inspiration Resources
In design, rules are important. The grids, the proportions, the composition, and all that drill. But also, the inner gut that gets developed over the years of practice. An eye for design is an ability to spot mistakes on sight, to distinguish between the good and bad design decisions. An ability to exactly know what is the standard practice for this particular type of design, without spending time looking it up.