punto - grafico

Every Saturday I will share with you a new stitch. Today's stitch is: Tile Stitch Easy knitting stitch with rows of reverse garter.

Hileras de flores

Tutorial for Flowers in a Row. Pattern: Cast on multiple of 6 sts + Row Knit Row Knit * (knit the next stitch wrapping the yarn 3 times around the needle) 5 times, Knit repeat from * to end. purl repeat from * to end.

Me parece un suéter muy coqueto. ¿Y a ustedes?

Piscataqua pattern by Alison Green


шляпки шапки

Slightly unordinary ribbed knit hat that might be fairly easy to mimic with certain crochet stitches.

blusa original ....


El personaje- Mariana: Se casó con Antonio porque quería tener una vida mejor. Trabajaba como aparcera y es guapa.

Women’s Peaked Cap Free Intermediate Women’s Hat Crochet Pattern. SIZE One size to fit average woman’s head. Free Pattern More Patterns Like This!


Have to wrap my head round the shape of this baby knit vest - Oh, I thought it was seamless, but the sides are seamed from underarm to hem. Worked in one long piece front to back ~ Pembe örgü kız çocuk yelek